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Tickets Charges And Entry Timings Of Suraj Water Park

Tickets Charges Of Suraj Water Park

If you have planned to visit renowned Suraj Water Park to spend your holidays or weekends then you need to know its tickets charges. It is a known fact that Suraj Water Park in Mumbai is among one of the excellent water park paradises in the country that allows people to get rid of their daily boring life. However, ticket charges come in different forms such as simple ticket charge and suraj Water Park rates with food.  Stated below are the details about suraj Water Park entry fees.

  • For adults visitors the suraj Water Park rates could be only INR 525 however, for children tickets charges would be depend on their height for instance child with height of 3.3 to 4.3 feet need to pay full charge while child below 3.3 feet of height need not to pay for the entry.
  • ┬áThe water park authority also provides the facility of locker so that visitors can put their important stuff inside it. The charges for locker are only INR 30 per locker. However, visitors need to pay INR 100 as refundable deposit. In case of losing locker key, visitors need to pay INR 30 extra or it could be deducted from their deposited amount.
  • It is a known fact that suraj Water Park entry fees are very affordable in caparison to all other parks in Mumbai city. Hence, most of the visitors like to visit here.

Entry Timings of Suraj Water Park

The renowned Suraj Water Park is usually open at 10.30 in the morning and close late in the evening. However, in some cases such as organization or corporate visiting, it could be open for late night as well. As everyone knows that suraj Water Park opens throughout the year except holydays. However, in some cases or demand of the visitors it can be open at any point of time.
Additional benefits of Suraj Water Park

The men-made paradise Suraj Water Park is also known for its modern water sports facilities that cannot be found elsewhere in the country. This is the main reason most of the visitors prefer to visit here to spend their weekends or holydays. It is a place, where you can spend your time in order to forget your daily boring life and rejuvenate yourself with new energy. The park also provides various packages such as special package for corporate organizations, packages for school or colleges and packages for special gathering like marriage party etc. moreover, affordable suraj Water Park rates with food allows visitors to spend their time here without thinking about food.

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